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2012-04-28 19:48:29 by MisterJamshi

The current ackground for NG is very well-made (Nene looks so damn cute), and I'm pretty excited for the new upcoming videos and games!
P.S. Happy Birthday, Tom :)


2011-08-25 14:09:23 by MisterJamshi

I made a review for Xionic Madness 4 part one. The animation's freakin awesome. Can't wait for part 2! But for some reason, My review with a rating of 10 GOT BANNED. OH YES IT WAS BANNED. The reason of banning somehow involves with this stupid website: ASTERS/index.php?
Go see it yourself. It's a prove that I just got trolled by a douchebag.

Alright. Let's be a big fat troll in my own user page.
Who said this flash shit is epic should be burned in hell, seriously. I mean, with such lame graphics and repetitive gameplay...Is this shit really epic? There are a lot of new flash out there that deserves daily feature more than every sodding stages of this crap. One of my suggestions will be PRIOR, the game that can easily turn Hunters even more rubbish. If YOU don't think it's crappy, just look at its average score. And why are they separated in stages anyway? Can't you just put every rubbish stages into one sodding flash file that is gonna work like a garbage bin? I bet Rhete bribed Tom Fulp for putting these garbages as daily features.

So, if you REALLY like Hunters, what are you gonna do with this? making a new Dot Dot Dot? LoLoLoLoL


2010-12-18 05:31:36 by MisterJamshi

What an awesome game from the creator of SHIFT! This game is reccommended for every Newgrounders in the world!


2010-12-11 22:50:56 by MisterJamshi

Finally completed DEPICT1, the most mindfucking game on Newgrounds!
thanks to the dude who told me how to kill the liar without killing myself via his reviews though.

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p.s. This one is for the muslims and the americans.

But I'll still do what is the reason I made this account...

Let's leave the account...

2010-06-24 07:39:08 by MisterJamshi

Just wait for years for new medals to do :P

How dare can you send me a message about you screwing Green Day and Slipknot my fav Bands? WHY THE FUCK?!?!

If NG has no medals thingie, I won't come back and check my account out again.